Therapy Animals

Dr. Bline uses animal assisted therapy programs that are especially well-suited for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Research has demonstrated that animal assisted therapy can often provide a way to reach these individuals that traditional therapies do not. For some with autism, the animal may provide a window of relating which can be translated into their other relationships.

This may involve a mini-hamster, or may involve two canines who are usually in the office. We also have 2 fish tanks and bearded dragons!  The extent to which the animals are involved depends on the parents, the treatment goals, and the needs of the child. All animals incorporated into the work place are healthy, trained, and gentle.

Meet Our Animals

Dr. Bline’s therapy dogs, “Butter Ball” and “Chilly Willy” are her personal, very well-trained dogs that provoke attention and engagement, reinforce task acquisition and completion, stimulate conversation and social interaction, and provide opportunities for sensory integration.

We have found that encouraging the children to assist with the ongoing care of these animals gives them a sense of accomplishment and the children actually look forward to coming to the office, which is a less stressful environment for all.

Chilly Willy

Chilly Willy is an eight-year old Great Pyrenees. He’s been with us for three years and is comparable to a big old lazy polar bear who loves hugs.  He is our designated welcome ambassador.

Butter Ball

Butter Ball is a rescue part Pyrenees and part Australian shepherd. He is a seven-year old puppy!  He loves snacks and his squeaky hedgies.

RIP Queen Callie

She worked with Dr. Bline for ten years and was the predecessor to the ambassador throne.  Her mantra was “Be Brave”.